hi. just here to say and remind you that you matter and i love you so much.

mental illness is not easy to deal with and it might seem like the only option is suicide, but let me tell you it’s not. you can lose your friends, lose yourself, lose your family, lose everything, but you know what you still have? hope. you may lose it, but i’m here holding onto it for you. life is difficult. it never seems to get better, but you will. life may become uglier, but you? you’ll flourish into the beautiful person you were meant to be. you don’t deserve the pain you’re holding. you don’t deserve the regrets. you don’t deserve the hurt people have given you. you deserve happiness, you deserve love. if you ever feel like the world is against you, turn to me and i’ll be there to support you. nothing in the world will take away the love and care i have for you. whether we talked before, haven’t talked at all, or have crossed paths and lost each other, i’ll always be here. your mental illness doesn’t make you weak, but it makes you strong and it opens your mind to the world that doesn’t want to know about what the reality of real pain is. you can and will do great things. this world will beat you down and call you everything but good things, but i’ll be the one to help you up and brush off the dirt that people left behind. let me embrace you for your troubles have hardened your soul completely. speak softly and let me hear the demons that tell you you’re worthless. you’re more than what anyone, you’re more than what your thoughts say you are. here’s to another day, here’s to another chance to become an abundance of new light. i love you and i’ll always support you. keep on living. keep on fighting. i’ll be right here. you're forever in my heart.

don't ever hesitate to leave me a message, i'll always try to respond.

- angel