all real.

remember who you are. and if you don't know who that is anymore, then sit down and find out again. because it's important. if you remember who you are, and who you strive to be, you will be golden. no one will be able to touch you because your foundation will be strong. you'll be holding on to yourself.

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and i know it's hard sometimes to find motivation. all the time. but in those times, remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. forget about everyone else. you are doing it for you.

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you're trying to get here...

and you know, it's ok. everything is ok. just keep moving, and don't stop. everything you do must have a purpose.

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...and here!

and i know you can do it.

become a girl boss.

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leave out unnecessary distractions and focus on your goals. work hard.

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i love you. more than anyone else, i'm here for you. do what you need to do.