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Day 1: write about one good thing that happened this year

To be honest this one is already very difficult because I can´t prioritize the good things that happened this year...

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Let´s start with the theme friends. This year was full of up & downs with friends..
I met some awesome people in a clinic, where I went for 4 weeks and I was blessed to meet one of my best friends I ever had. We had spent those 4 weeks together and are still having contact, we are even sending us Christmas presents, although we are living more than 500km apart from each other.
When I came back to school from those 4 weeks I lost some friends and don´t ask me why.. I still don´t know but I am over them now. I am not even mad at them, I am just thankful for every good experience I had with them.
Because of the lost of some friends I learned how to deal with breaking up the contact, so I got rid of some toxic people in my life and I can just recommend doing that.
Before I made some new friends, who are awesome, I learned how to be alone and that is an important part, which everybody should learn in their life!

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Also I´ve met a person this year, a boy, who said to me some important things I still keep in mind. He was the first boy whose hugs gave me some sort of feeling save. He still makes me smile every time we pass by and he knows and that. We never had a thing or anything we were just close for a moment, then I thought we were drifting apart but he showed me other way. When we see each other outside he always comes to me and starts a conversation and now he is a really important friend of mine.

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So the last thing on my list of good things that happened to me this year is Kpop. Yes I am a Kpop fan and especially an ARMY. I am in love with BTS and every time I am listening to one of their songs - I am happy. I am not just listening to BTS, I almost listen to everything, but BTS is my family. And always I am sad I just listen to some covers of my Bias ( the one you are liking most of one group) which would be Jungkook and - I am felling better.

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this is BTS
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this is my Bias Jungkook
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Day 2: write about one bad or difficult thing that happened this year.
Day 3: in what ways did you change this year?
Day 4: how have you grown spiritually?
Day 5: how have you grown emotionally?
Day 6: how have you grown physically?
Day 7: write about something that brought you joy.
Day 8: write about something that challenge you.
Day 9: did your relationships change? In what way?
Day 10: what books did you read this year?
Day 11: what has been your biggest time waster in your life this year?
Day 12: what was the best/worst thing about your work/school this year?
Day 13: write about the biggest lesson you learned this year.
Day 14: what do you look most forward to in the new year?
Day 15: what are your new year resolutions?

See you again
- Viv