Hello, hello, hello and I'm back here, fully refreshed and I have many new ideas to share with you! In this article we are gonna discuss about the week that is coming. Mondays suck, we hate Tuesdays, dislike Wednesdays, prefer Thursdays, love Fridays, party Saturdays and Sundays are pre-Mondays. Actually, for me, every single day is like Monday except for Friday and Saturday. I'm pretty sure that your week is similar to mine. But don't worry... I'm here to transform your week into a dream come true!

1. PLAN YOUR WEEK PROGRAMME. If you're organised, you'll have plenty of free time to do what you love! It's so much fun to think what your responsibilies are before even your next week starts!
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2.Don't be so MISERABLE and think positively. Your negative thoughts will lead to panic, stress and anxiety. Your week will be damaged!
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3. If one of your days aren't as good as you expected them to be, DON'T GIVE UP. You are gonna have another to chance to succeed. It's called TOMORROW.
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4. FOCUS ON THE GOOD. Imagine that you had a crappy day and you return back home exhausted. Make sure to remind yourself the good things!
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5.DO SOMETHING CREATIVE. For example, go the gym, paint something, dance or even sing!
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6. ORGANISE SOMETHING FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS. In the middle of the week organise a mini-party to have fun and forget the previous days.
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7. STAY ON TODAY. Be thanful for today. Don't get stressed about tomorrow.
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8. SMILE. It's the only thing that can save our world...
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That's it for today! Hope you liked it. Check my other articles and my account. Don't hesitate to send me a postcard. I would love to make new friends. Until next time...... SEE YAAAAA...

Of course the song of the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlR0MkrRklg&index=5&list=PLyn1b86Ad_a6KrXeRMyX2LMSgStSeQUgb

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