Its December, and I decided to make this especial playlist that will warm everyone's souls...or at least I hope so. there is something for everyone in this playlist. Including Spanish songs at the end, because I'm Hispanic therefore I had to add them.


1. Melt: by Wannabe Jalva (this song is super underrated...GO listen to it)

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2. Lost For Words: by Pink Floyd ( the best chill vibes)
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3. To the Moon: By Phora ( masterpiece)

4. Space Song: by Beach House ( loooove this song)

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5. Pink Skies: By LANY ( more chill vibes!)
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6. 911/ Mr. Lonely: by Tyler The Creator ( reminds me of the 90s)

7. Special Affair: by The Internet ( also underrated)

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8. Instinct: by Roy Wood feat. MadeinTYO ( good beats and vibes!)

9. Sadderdaze: by The Neighborhood ( just listen to it)

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10. Ivy: by Frank Ocean ( the whole album is great)
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*THE1975*- if you haven't listen to them already, do so


(Spanish songs)

1. Solo: by El Nene La amenaza ft.Lary Over ( cant stop listening to this)

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2. Corazon: by* Maluma* ( anything by Maluma )

3. Que Va: by Alex sensation, Ozuna ( love it)

selena quintanilla, beautiful, and selena image
4. El Chico Del Apartamento 512: by Selena ( had to include the queen)

5. Sobredosis: by Romeo Santos ft.Ozuna ( Romeo is the king)

6. Fuego: by Juanes ( fueeeeeego!)

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7. Blockia: by Badbunny ( anything with Badbunny is lit)

8. Vuelve: by Daddy Yankee ( Badbunny is in this)

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9. La Tortura: by Shakira ( throwback!)

10. Chillax: by Farruko ( Spanish Music is what I grew up with)

xo, kandy