I have seen just about every first episode of every show on netflix but the amount of shows I have actually finished or even been interested in is a very small amount. I'm here to tell you about a few shows that I really like.

-Gossip Girl

gossip girl, pink, and drink image gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image gossip girl, blair waldorf, and chuck bass image Image by Wayland_Angel


gif, scandal, and kerry washington image

-Once Upon a Time

once upon a time, quotes, and emma swan image cast, fictional, and once upon a time image

-Criminal Minds

gif, criminal minds, and matthew gray gubler image criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and team image

-The Vampire Diaries

gif, ian somerhalder, and delena image the vampire diaries, Nina Dobrev, and tvd image
I've binge watched this show COUNTLESS times

-Stranger Things

stranger things, dustin, and eleven image
(No more pictures needed this one already bad ass enough)

-The Five (Not popular but SSOOOO good!)


bitten, eyes, and first time image bitten, truth, and tv series image

That's all of the shows I've actually finished, thanks for reading, xo Sophia