This is my first article so i'm not sure exactly what to say soooooooo let's just jump right in it! :)

1. Wake up and just sit there and think

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Now when I say this what I mean is that actually think about people. Think about the people that make you feel as if you have the world in your hands: make sure to pay more attention to them

And now think about the people that make you feel like your problems mean nothing compared to theirs: kick them out. They don't deserve you and make sure they know that your not going to put up with them anymore. Make your message clear.

2. Try to pamper yourself and don't best yourself up over small things

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I know it gets hard and sometimes you know you could have done better but don't let that get in the way of you and your beauty treatment. Try to take some time to just treat yourself by laying down in a bathtub filled with warm water and bubbles up to the rim while watching something or reading a magazine with soft music playing in the back ground.

3. Don't be afraid

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I get it. It's scary not knowing what's to come but NEVER be afraid. The new year will bring out the best in you and whatever comes your way will make you a better person so don't be afraid and just go with the flow!

Anywho i hope you all enjoyed this and till next time! ;)