Sooo I know this isn't going to be good I just want you guys to know me better so ya.

1. I'm 13
2. My b-day is June 12th
3. My favorite song is pretty girl by Maggie Lindemann
4. I'm obsessed with the band Why Don't We
5. I have braces
6. I swear a lot
7. I have a dog and a cat
8. My insta is imcassiedye
9. I'm good at make up but never wear it
10. My favorite T-shirt says "This queen don't need a queen"
11. I will stand up for what I believe in
12. Me and my best friend plan on moving to LA together ( When we are old enough)
13. I have a younow account ( Cassied0612)
14. My first concert was 5 seconds of summer
15. I have a lot of story times for you guys
16. I have no plan for my future
17. I do good at school with no work
18. I hate my life
19. I have very few friends
20. I have an older Sister and an older brother

Ya there are some facts about me just thought you should know