My first article? dah, it has to be about pink!

Okay, so this is why pink is, well. . . the 'center of the world' I guess.

It makes the victims feel very cute, luring them into the trap with it's eye catching shades.First you spot the HOT PINK shade as it winks at you, bright and vibrant, taking the first step. . . then it's FUSCIA the lady-like head held high, second step. . . you go ambling towards the shades, the ROUGE tickles you then the watermelon gives you the scent of bubblegum. . . you begin racing towards the dancing STRAWBERRY shade. . . the sleeping CORAL. . . the posing model PEACH, and you blush when you see the BLUSH shade avoiding your gaze. That's about how you get consumed. . . you fell into the trap. The shades tricked you! Now, you glance at the products in pink, not even trying to hold your temptation to buy them. Your room is overcrowded with the shades too.

Are they mean? NO!!!! . . . well, don't listen to me, cause I'm one of those victims.