This are the songs that I really recommend if you're about to cry.
*W A R N I N G*
this can make you feel more sad or more happy.

1. Flowers
by In love with a ghost, Nori.

2. From Here
by Adib Sin, Cae.

3. Youth (DAY or NIGHT, you choose)
by Oohyo.

4. Falling for you
by Peachy!, mxmtoon.

5. You're cute.
by Tomppabeats.

6. Pretty You
by Roy Kim.

7. I don't know you
by The Marias.

8. Satellite

9. Turn Away
by Wet.

10. You Get Me So High
by The Neighbourhood.

11. Let it Happen
by Tame Impala.

12. Just Kiss Her
by Concorde.

13. That XX

I hope this help you a little ♡
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