Hello WHI Heartists,

The challenge today is to write about someone who inspires me. So this one is going out to Julianne Hough! Enjoy the read!


~ Inspirational Julianne Hough

Her Passion For Dance

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She never backs down from showing her talents. She is a beautiful dancer and her personality comes out through her passion.

Always Finds A Chance To Smile

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It's contagious. How could you not smile?


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Overall, she is gorgeous! Her hairstyles compliment her character and her blue eyes are very striking.

Be Yourself

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Follow her on Instagram, she's just a gem. Never a dull moment and she doesn't even have to try.

Has A Life

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She has two beautiful puppers, a husband and an amazing brother who she is also close with. She reminds us that it's important to find time for yourself and family.


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Living life to the fullest and always being herself regardless of the situation. It's good to be positive.

There Is Alway Time For Girly Fun

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Recently, she had a trip with her girlies to Alaska. You can always find time for your friends.

Fitness & Health Fanatic

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She cares about being active and being as healthy as you can be. Check out her MPG Sports clothing line!

She inspires me everyday to be me and to love myself. She is undeniably gorgeous, and her bubbly personality is contagious. Thank you Julianne for just being you, being a role model to me, and teaching me to love myself no matter what.

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Miss June