Music can speak to a person, create a story in your mind. I have gathered a list of songs that I bet you've probably never heard. One song for everyday of the week. Just try to listen to each song on their day and challenge yourself. TRY!

Angus & Julia Stone-Grizzly Bear
This is a really chill song. Perfect for mondays because it's mellow. I love Angus & Julia Stone if you like this song check out their other music!

Rooney-When Did Your Heart Go Missing
This song is a little more exciting than the first one. Are you guys even reading this? Anyway, this lead singer was also in Princess Diaries. This is the only song I know by them.

Foster the People-Sit Next to Me
The right song to take you into Thursday. I absolutely loved this song. I listened to it for about a week straight lol. The only other song I know by them is Pumped Up Kicks. Both songs have totally different vibes.

SWMRS-Lose It about obsessed. I found this song on youtube I loved it!!! This song is a little more calm than the last one. Check out the video if you want to be pleasantly confused lmao.

Call Me Karizma-Art Hoe
This song is a jammmmmmm! Not only is he hot but it's also amazing. Check out his other music. Btw learned a new term "art hoe".

Waterparks-Stupid For You
Dude, check this band out they are amazing. This is definitely a party song great for Saturday.

COIN-I Don't Wanna Dance
Ugh, Sunday! This is me trying to make Sunday exciting. Also, COIN is amazing.

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