Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to Day 15 of 24 Days Of BasicallyKelly!
I'm starting to feel less sick and better - hence why i'm writing an article. This article includes christmas gift ideas that are ALL under £10 / $10.

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You can get separate make up brushes or brush sets for under £10 depending on what brand you buy. I recommend Spectrum individual brushes or SEVENTEEN make up brushes. You can also get beauty blenders of under £6!

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Bath bombs are a great gift but lush's bath bombs are my favourite and many other people's favourite too. Lush sell products that are under £10 and some that are over £20. You can get really cute colourful and nice scented bath bombs for around £5. I recommend getting the £2 ones as you get can get a lot of them for under 10 pounds.

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Bath and Body Works candles are currently half price on their website and some are under £10! Everyone loves a good candle as they leave your room smelling nice and refreshed.

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Fluffy socks are one of the best gifts to give someone for Christmas as they keep your feet warm. Depending one what brand you purchase our fluffy socks from they can be under £5 from Primark ! Plus there are a load of super cute patterns and types to choose from.

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A gift i have given all my friends as a mini side present to go along with their main present is Hollister perfume. I love the brand Hollister and although some of their stuff is quite expensive you can get their travel size perfumes for £5! I got all of mine from the Black Friday 50% off sale which means i had to pay £2.50 for one which is really worth it!

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Lip balm is quite inexpensive and a great care present. In the winter your lips get chapped easier so you'll need lip balm to fix that! You can get lip balm anywhere and everywhere for under £5 however i like using eos lip balms which are around £4 from boots and baby lips from maybelline which is £3.

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Those are all the gift ideas i have that are under £10. You can also get a lot more things for less than a tenner! I will try and resume to an article a day instead of a split article every few days as i feel better however i can't promise much.

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