For some people, getting into the Christmas spirit starts the day Halloween is over, for others it may take some time or may take more than just the mindset. Here are a few tips and ideas that can help you get into the spirit or improve it if you're already in the spirit :)

1 - Put decorations up in your room

You don't even have to go crazy with elaborate decorations, just simple Christmas lights, snowmen figures, putting ornaments in a jar, and maybe even a mini Christmas tree can do the trick!

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2 - Make a Christmas music playlist

From the classics like white christmas to more modern Mariah Carey Christmas music, creating a playlist and adding all your fave holiday tunes will put you in a good and spirited mood for Christmas, listen to it while you do chores, or homework, if it doesn't distract you ;)

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3 - Bake!

Even just baking normal cookies can get you into the cozy christmas mood but if you're baking anyways around Christmas time, might as well bake christmas cookies :) You can find thousands of recipes online or even come up with your own if you're feeling innovative!
Here is a link to 10 christmas cookie recipes:

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4 - Watch Christmas movies

There's nothing better than curling up in your bed with some hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movie, whether its a classic, comedy, or kids movie, you will enjoy it and it will put you in a good mood!

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5 - Change your wallpapers to a Christmas theme

Whether its on your laptop, phone, or both, turning on your device and looking at a nice Christmas themed wallpaper will make you happy and excited. You can find so many different types of Christmas wallpapers here on we heart it and many other websites, here are a few that I personally like:

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6 - Light a christmas candle

Sometimes all it takes to get you into the Christmas spirit are the wonderful smells it comes with; pine trees, gingerbread, eggnog... and many more. You can find basically all these smells within a candle at your local bath and body works and many other stores that do sell candles.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, it is my first article and I was a little skeptic about posting it so I hope you enjoyed it and Merry Christmas! :)