I strongly live by the quote “ What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger” .
A lot of things that have happened in my life have completely knocked me off my feet, but I was still left breathing. After picking myself back up and dusting myself off I chose to become a stronger person, to learn, and to grow from my downfalls.
My mother always told me growing up that the things that break us are actually what helps make us.
Every downfall you have that totally changes your life or makes a huge dent that doesn’t buffer out all the way is actually what teaches you most and helps you grow the most!
In order to grow stronger and learn from our downfalls though we must choose to get back up first. Which for me is the hardest part, whenever something or someone brings me down I tend to dwell on it for a decent amount of time. That only makes things worse at times, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves or hating life we have to look back at things and find the positive. Find the growth and learning  to be done in each situation and choose to take that from it and move on!
In order to get strong one must choose to make that a priority. You don’t just get back up, you choose to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Sometimes it takes a couple days of crying, days of hating life, or even days of hopelessness. After you take some time to be upset, choose to get back up and try try again!
They never said life would be easy and happy all the time, but the downfalls are what truly show us who we are! They teach us to pick ourselves back up and teach us to move forward. They teach us just where our limits stand and just how far they can go.

So WHI here's where stuff gets personal….
I’ve always tried as a person to learn from my downfalls, mistakes, achievements, and anything else I take on in this life of mine. I use to want to be a counselor of some sorts. I thought that by sharing my life lessons I could help others find positivity, strength, and success in their life as have I. Although at times I want to give up, I am always able to pick myself back up. I no longer have the vision of being a counselor, but I’d still like to think maybe my life advice can help someone else out.

When I was a youngster I learned the harsh realities and monsters of depression, I learned what having devils in your closet really felt like. I began to slowly lose my sense of myself, I felt no hope, no desire. I wasn’t really the type of person to ever share my emotions with others and well this emotion I was feeling didn’t seem to be something I would want to really explain to others. I myself couldn’t even explain it. I lost all value of myself, all worth of myself, I truly didn’t feel like I was even me anymore. I struggled with self harm and eventually I attempted suicide. This was a matter of a couple year time period.
My mother was able to catch things in time and I was hospitalized immediately. My parents chose that for my safety I should be entered into a rehab program. Upon their request I stayed in rehab until the doctors saw fit that I could return home..
After rejoining my family in our home, my parents made it clear that something needed to change. They were so very right, so that's exactly what I did..
I soon learned that with positive changes came positive emotions. Happiness and strength isn’t just handed to us, we have to find it and earn it.
I learned that as I grew and changed my life for the better I became stronger physically and mentally. I became happier inside and out. I learned to truly love myself. I chose to find the positives in life and I chose to always see the light in everything. I also make sure to take one life lesson away from everything.

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I feel unstoppable now, and I love myself.
Everything takes time, but anything is possible if you chose to always love yourself, always choose happiness, and always believe in yourself.

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I always remind myself of the little engine that could, when he didn't believe in himself and kept saying he couldn't get up the hill, he didn't. When he believed in himself however and said he could, he did make it up the hill. If you believe you can, you will!

You are strong, you are capable of anything.