Do you.
Just do you.
In a society where "Be yourself" is a common philosophy, "being yourself" often means being the person that other people think you are. It's as if we are confined to a mere definition of who we are supposed to be. We let other people tell us who we are, and we feel as we have to live up to their expectations- their image of us in their head.

Music is a language. It is a language everyone can understand whether it is spoken through lyrics, vibrations, or sound. It is a bridge that connects us all to one another as humans.

But sometimes we trap music the same way we trap ourselves.
We confine it to a certain genre.
We say, "I only listen to country." Or "I hate mainstream," or "How do people even like K-pop?"

By doing that, we can miss out on a song that holds the potential to touch our hearts or even change our lives.

That's stupid.
And it doesn't have to be that way.

You are much more than anyone else can comprehend. Who are they to think they can understand your dreams, passions, and hobbies the same way you do?

You don't have to become the engineer whom everyone except yourself wants you to be.
You don't have to pursue the future you don't want.
You don't have to be trapped in someone else's dream.

You have unlimited potential. It is up to you and no one else what to use that potential on.

Since when have you felt like yourself?
Have you accepted yourself?
Have you allowed your mind an entire universe to roam free in?

Appreciate the universal beauty of individuality.

Do You.

Article playlist/Song recommendations:
RM - Do You
Taylor Swift - A Place in This World
Marshmello ft. Khalid- Silence
Britt Nicole - Through Your Eyes
Sabrina Claudio - Confidently Lost
Olivia O'brien - No Love
MoonMoon - Contrail

Nevermind, love yourself - hmc