Do you know what art is? Maybe you think art is a simple drawing on a basic paper. Of course that is art too, if that's how people view it.

But real art is much, more deeper. Art fulfilles the soul, when desperately needed. Art doesn't need to be beautiful, it should make you think.
A wise person once said: "Art is here to comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable."
Art could be a painting, it could be a piece of poetry, it could be the way you talk, move or what you believe in. And most importantly what exactly you talk about, how you move, and what you believe in.

city, sky, and wallpaper image

Believe in the beautiful things. Believe that everything is possible, even if you don't see any hope. Don't give up trying. Always give your total best for everything.
Talk about interesting things. Talk about phylosophy, about literature, about the laws of physics or even a good book that made you think about the world. Tell people how you view the world. Be honest.
But maybe, most importantly of all, don't be one of the people that just lives and isn't even aware that he is. Its very rare to live. People should appreciate it more. And even YOU should. You, the person who is reading this article. Do you know why you live? If not, find your reason. Find reasons to be happy about and set goals for yourself.
You can reach anything in the world, the only thing that matters is believing in yourself