Guess who is back? Yeah it's me. I was pretty busy with school and I was at a point of my life where I thought nobody is interested in my article. But even if nobody will ever read this article I don't care. Writing is my passion and so I will keep going. Enough with this emotional stuff lets get right into the article. Today I'm going to write about winter outfit ideas

nr 1 over-sized pullovers
Over-sized pullovers can be worn by nearly everybody. You should just watch out that you the rest of your outfit is pretty tight. You can combine them with skinny jeans, skirts or just with tights with some cute over knee socks and voilá you are good to go.

fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, sweater, and outfit image
o v e r - s i z e d - p u l l o v e r s

nr 2 fake fur
This next trend may not be for everyone. Fake fur keeps you warm and you look like a real fashionista. If you wear fake fur you should keep in mind that you should keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple.

Kenzo, clothes ootd, and Louis Vuitton image brown, christmas, and fashion image brown, luxe, and sappes image fashion, style, and girl image
f a k e - f u r

nr 3 beanies
Some love them others hate them. Even tough it is pretty could in Austria right now and I should probably wear beanies I am this kind of person who hates beanies. Never mind it should be a article for anyone. You can get beanies in all types, colors, materials,... I think there're thousands of different beanie styles you just have to find your favorite. the most positive aspect is that you can combine beanies with nearly everything.

winter, christmas, and girl image coffee, fashion, and autumn image Temporarily removed coffee, winter, and cozy image
b e a n i e s

nr 4 scarfs
Scarfs are one of my favorite things on earth. Why? Because they are super cozy and keep you warm. Same as like beanies you can get them in all patterns, colors,.... and you can combine them with nearly everything as well.

winter, scarf, and hair image autumn, scarf, and fall image winter, autumn, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image
s c a r f s

Thanks for reading
X Carmen