Dear Haters:

Without your constant negativity,hatred,second guessing and criticism,i wouldn't be where i am today.I though that your cutting remarks tore down my fragile self esteem,when in reality i was taking all of that cold heardness and turning it into gold.I was using your fifthy words to drive myself forward.I am aware that there will be those who do not agree with me.There will be those who believe the way i live my life is strange and wrong.You cannot throw more at me than i can handle,because through grace,wisdom,patient and courage i have learned to handle it all.

If I make a decision and that is the best decision for my life, I will follow through with it. Nothing you say or do can stop my progress. I promise you.

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Dear haters,thank you for teaching me that the only opinion that matters when it comes to my life is my own.hank you for teaching me that in the end, hatred will get you absolutely nowhere.Thank you for always motivating me to work harder than the day before.I do wish i hadn't cried so much for your mean and wasteful comments.You made me feel inferior and uncapable.

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I hope someday you feel so loved that there is no room in your life for this kind of hurtful energy.

But this is all the space I will allow you to take up in mine. I have much more important things to do. I am living my life fully, and that means I do not have any spare time to waste.

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I hope someday you feel so loved that there is no room in your life for this kind of hurtful energy. Thank you!

I wrote this article just because haters always tried to put me down at school whatever i did or said.

If you are reading this far down,i truly appreciate it.If you want send me a postcard about your own experience about haters and how you can hadle them,i know that other people struggle with them too.And remember the haters are gunna hate hate baby i'm just gunna shake shake shake....Tay knows

Never forget your worth.YOU MATTER.

See y'all next time