I. Meet Beyoncé
beyoncé, Queen, and queen b image beyoncé, beyonce knowles, and queen bey image
II. Hold a baby lion
bucket list image animal, cute, and lion image
III. Watch the sunset at the beach
bucketlist image tumblr image
IV. Ride a horse on the beach
bucketlist image Image by Lena
V. Shoot a gun
gun, shoot, and 94 image Mature image
VI. Learn to pole dance
dance, pole dance, and learn image art, dance, and Figure image
VII. Go to California
california, travel, and bucket list image street, sunset, and city image
VIII. Learn to play piano
piano, quote, and play piano image piano, music, and hands image
IX. Go skiing
snow, fun, and bucket list image snow, ski, and winter image
X. Adopt a puppy
puppy, adopt, and before i die image animal, dog, and puppy image