High school, the world of terror... A place were teachers rot your brains and books eat you alive. A place were only the fittest can survive. I've recently just made it through my first year of high school and if i didn't look out for myself then I wouldn't have made it through the year. So here are 10 ways to survive your first year of high school:

1. Get in with a good group of friends. People who will always be there to support you are the ones who will keep you alive during your high school life.

2. Lone wolf could be an option. Always have good friends but be aware that people can change overnight.

3. Find the fun in every situation.

4. Get involved with things. whether it be the school musical or the athletics team have a go at it.

5. You do not need a significant other on the first day. Don't go into high school with your mind just set on getting a boy/girlfriend but get one at your own pace.

6. Good grades actually matter. Many colleges/universities look at your grades from the start of high school.

7. The lunch room is not the death-room. Yes you do have your popular kids, jocks, nerds, drama kids ect. but non of these people will care about you unless you give them something to care about.

8. Books are friends not foe. Books can actually be more useful than a laptop, especially when it comes to studying (coming from the girl always on her laptop).

9. Don't give teachers a reason to hate you. If you give the first teacher you ever have a reason to hate you then they will go and tell all the other teachers you are bad news.

10. High school is about you. Don't worry about how you look or about what others think of you, because you will loose yourself to the crowd and once you've lost yourself in high school it can be hard finding yourself.

High school can look terrifying at first but will end up being one of the best things that ever happened to you, and if you keep my 10 steps in the back of your mind i'm certain you will make it out alive.

By gracie_girl01
Thanks for reading my article, because this is my first article please tell me how I can improve and if you want me to write any more articles (if so what about).