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This being my first article, I decided to just skip to the juicy stuff. That's why you're here right?

I'm spending this winter rediscovering what it means to care for and about myself. Going through this process, I want to share the tips and advice that are helping me. hope you enjoy!

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I know, I know, but seriously, your mom was right. keeping yourself in clean environments helps you stay calm and focused
This is especially helpful with finals coming up. Give yourself five minutes and get as much done as you can

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It's easy to get comfortable with what you've been doing forever, I get it. But get out of your comfort zone! Go to your local library and just wander. Try something different on the menu. Even if it's just listening to that song you always skip or watching random shows on Netflix.

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let yourself wander into something completely new


light some candles, run a bath and add ingredients to relax and cleanse your body (keep an eye out for my favorite "get chill" recipe later)

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Another thing, never underestimate the power of comfy clothes! It's okay to go to class in your pj's sometimes. Allow yourself to be comfortable. Getting up in the morning stressing about what to wear to impress someone, isn't healthy! you are the most important person, impress yourself first. Practice balancing comfiness and style

Be kind to yourself
Be gentle with your soul
Learn to accept yourself and love yourself for
all that you already are
- Joe Duncan

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P.S | Thinking about publishing every wednesday + saturday...hmm we'll see... anyways!

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