Hi my butterflies ! I hope you have a wonderful day. Here's my first article on We Heart It and I am so excited. Let's start !

First, meditate. Some people don't believe in the power of meditation but I do. Put the focus on my breath really helps me get relaxed.

beauty, calm, and meditate image

Second, write. It could be in your journal, an article or a book, writing helps dealing with your emotions stuck inside.

notebook, planner, and journal image

Third, read. What is better than a really captiving book to escape our world ?

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Fourth, take a bath. Your body deserves this. Put some relaxing music, with scented candles and maybe you could open a bottle of your favourite wine.

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Fifth, pictures on your wall. You need change in your life. No need to buy expensive furniture for your room. A relaxing way to decorate it is to put pictures you print on your walls of your friends, your family, favourite quotes or just ones that you think are beautiful.

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That is it for tonight. Hope you like it. If you enjoy, tell me so I'll do a part two ! xx - Anna