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Meanwhile, I have decided to write about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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This year it took place in Shanghai, China, and it's the first time in Asia.
But what is Victoria's Secret?
As many of you know, VS is an American (NOT English, pay attention, people!) brand of women's clothings and beauty products but it's famous above all its sexy, elegant and classic lingerie.

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Some examples of VS lingerie. I WANT THEM ALL:

How many of you know the story of this so famous brand?
It was founded by Roy Raymond (YAAS A MAN!) and his wife Gaye in St Francisco in 1997, 8 years after he went to a department store for buying lingerie for his wife and he found horrendous nightgowns with floral print and spongy bathrobes. He studied for 8 years the lingerie's market, asked for a loan to his parents and to the bank and founded the first VS. In just one year, he earned so much that he could open another 4 stores.
In 1982 Roy sold the society, which have 6 stores, to Leslie Wexner who renewed the brand introducing new colors and new styles. This increased gainings and, in 5 years, 346 stores were opened.
At first, the brand had a male line too but Wexner decided to concentrate just on the female one.
In 90s, a sporty line and perfumes were introduced and so the brand entered the cosmetics market.
In 2006, the stores became more than 1000.

Now, stop with the story and let's focus on the show.
Every year, the VS Fashion Show takes place and so the products and the brand are advertised. At first, it took place only in New York but now, every year, different cities are chosen and drawn.
The 2017 edition took place in China, Shanghai, as I write before.
It's a very expensive show, but phenomenal too, where many models, called Angels, parade wearing lingerie and many accessories. Every year the staff chooses some themes to respect and the model who will wear the fabulous Fantasy Bra during the show. It's a spectacular (and very very expensive) bra made up by diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

Now, the question is: what is the destiny of these so expensive bras that can exceed 2 million dollars?
They are auctioned. If one year later the show they aren't sold, they come back to their designers who recover the precious gems.
Currently, only VS Heavenly '70 Fantasy Bra (worn by Tyra Bankse in 2004) and the Floral Fantasy Bra (worn by Alessandra Ambrosio in 2012) have been sold.

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Tyra Bankse with her Heavenly '70 Fantasy Bra
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Alessandra Ambrosio with her Floral Fantasy Bra.

This year the Fantasy Bra has been worn by Lais Ribeiro and the name is Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra.

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I wanna post just this photo because I want you to see Lais and her bra's beauty. It seems to me that it was created to be worn by her and only her.

Another important piece of the show is Swarovski outfit that, this year, has been worn by Elsa Hosk and it's absolutely amazing.

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What we can say about the models?
They are called Angels but why?
They are so called because of the wings they wear during the show. The wings have different forms, colors and dimensions and they are the symbol of this brand. Not all the models are Angels. Just a part.
The Angels are:

Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldridge
alessandra ambrosio, fashion, and Lily Aldridge image
Taylor Hill
Mature image
Elsa Hosk
angel, elsa hosk, and fashion image
Martha Hunt
Copyrighted image
Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima, Victoria's Secret, and vsfs image
Stella Maxwell
Temporarily removed
Lais Ribeiro
Copyrighted image
Sara Sampaio
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Josephine Skriver
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Romee Strijd
romee strijd, model, and Victoria's Secret image
Candice Swanepoel
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Jasmine Tookes
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The themes of this year were:

  • Goddesses: it refers to ancient Greece.
Mature image Mature image
  • Nomadic Adventures: it's about African culteres.
Adriana Lima, angel, and fashion image Copyrighted image
  • Punk
Mature image Mature image
  • Winter's Tale: it refers to Northern countries.
angel, beautiful, and ming xi image Copyrighted image
  • Pink Millennial
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  • Porcelain Angels: it refers to the pristine islands of the Greek archipelago.
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The show has been opened by Candice Swanepoel who kicked off the show wearing Punk theme.
There have been musical performances too.
This year the guests were Harry Styles, Miguel, Jane Zhang, Leslie Odom Jr and Yundi Li.
Harry Styles's musical performances opened the show with the rock song Kiwi and then Only Angel. His performance was the most wanted,

blue, victorias secret, and boy image Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image Harry Styles, style, and harry image Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image
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My FAVE part. Love him so much. My baaaaabyyyy.

The other models who partecipated were: Aiden Curtis, Alecia Morais; Alexina Graham (the first redhead VS model), Amilna Estevao, Bruna Lirio, Daria Khlystun, Estelle Chen, Frida Aasten, Gizele Oliveira, Grace Bol, Julia Belkyakova, Mayowa Nicholas, Nadine Leopold, Roos Marjndekok, Samille Bermanelli, Vanessa Moody, Victoria Lee, He Sui, Xin Xen Blanca Padilla, Cindy Bruna, Georgia Fowler, Leila Nda, Zuri Tibby, Liu Wen Herieth Paul, Dev WIndsor, Alanna Arrington, Jourdana Phillips, Barbara Fialho, Bella Hadid, Leomie Anderson, Dilone, Lameka Fox, Ming Xi.

I don't know if I forgot some name but, in that case, SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY.

The absent model were Gigi Hadid (she didn't get a visa), Kendall Jenner (she was with the brand La Perla) and the Angel Behati Prinsloo-Levine ( she is pregnat for the second time. CONGRATULATIOOOONS!!!).

Moreover, this year there was Balmain's collaboration too.
All the photos in this article are in my collection "Victoria's Secret":

You can find other photos of the show, backstage, themes or VS stuff here. It's constantly updated with new photos of the show and other model.

I just loved EVERY SINGLE theme but maybe my fave theme is Goddesses or Porcelain Angel.
I was very sorry for Gigi because she's my favourite model but I just have to be patient and wait for the next year.
Another girl I love is Josephine Skriver and this is my fave outfit by Balmain.

Image by K Y L I E

I found some days ago that bra and now I'm trying to find out which minor organ I could sell to get it. LOL

Now, with your permission, I wanna talk about the fantastic, amazing, talented Harry Styles.

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Okay STOOOOOP now, Daisy, stop.

I'm sorry for this little moment of madness. I'm okay now and I hope you enjoy this article.
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