Difficult to wake up. For the first time it’s still dark. I heard the rain during the night and I feel moody this morning.
Started a new class from Sonia Choquette but not able to listen to it for now.
Feel lazy and bored at work. I was complaining a few months ago it was too busy and now it’s the opposite. Do I really know what I want?
The only things that make me happy these days are reading crime novels, watching Banshee or Curb your enthusiasm and looking for great illustrations on insta.
Call my brother. He’s sad. Makes me feel overwhelmed. Then talk to my mum who’s speaking for 30 minutes of Johnny Hallyday’s death. She’s acting as she’s a family member ! Drives me crazy. I don’t want to go for Christmas.
Hopefully my boyfriend feels better. We play Mario Kart and laugh about stupid songs.
Go to bed lighter...