Hey guys!! I know this article isn't winter related- actually, it could be. Why not show some love for other people on here since it's the Christmas season?

This article is inspired by Team WHI's newest article on an update for articles. Basically, you can share links of other members' profiles and articles on your article much simpler now, and they look pretty neat!! Thank you Team WHI for this update x

Learn about the new update for articles here ;

Team We Heart It
Team We Heart It

Anyway, back to the article! I would like to share my top favorite mutuals ( internet friends who follow each other and maintain communication with ) here on WHI. I don't mean to be bias but I want to give credit to those that made my WHI journey amazing. You can say that this is a shoutout article for some of my lovely friends. Be sure to follow them and check them out!! ( Also, this is in no particular order )

♡ paulien @paulien_99


GIRLLL YOU ARE SO KIND!! I think you congratulate me the most, whether it be an article blowing up, reaching a certain follower count or getting the Recognized Writer's badge, you're always there to show your support. It's amazing to find a fellow Potterhead here that's so kindhearted and lovely, and it's heartwarming that we're both obsessed with each other's harry potter related articles lol! Thank you for following my Tumblr accounts and for featuring me in your articles ( definitely didn't expect both ). Collab sometime soon, ya? x

♡ alana mae @alana_mae_m

I started talking to her and I definitely don't regret it! Just like Paulien, you never fail to congratulate me on my WHI accomplishments. Thank you for tagging me in two tags ( they are going to be published soon, sorry for the long wait! ) and for wanting to collab with me as well! Let's do it sometime soon. x

♡ noelle @retardedviet


So this lovely girl first started talking to me a month ago. You're so understanding because I was studying for my exams so we only talked on the weekends. We've been playing ' This or That ' and asking questions back and forth for an entire month! It's a simple and quick game to get to know the other person, so you guys should try it to make new friends!! Thank you Noelle for starting the questions game with me. x

♡ athena @_selini_

Without a doubt, you're one of the most friendly, optimistic and kindhearted person on here that I know of! You're sooo nice to everyone, I think the world needs more people like you! Let's talk more, angel. You genuinely deserve all the love in the world because you never fail to give yours to others on this platform. x

♡ connie @cozyconnie

So glad that we got the Recognized Writer's badge together! You're yet another mutual that I don't regret starting a conversation with. You're also very understanding and always message me to congratulate me on my WHI accomplishments. I'm grateful to stumble upon you and your amazing articles ( seriously, though. check out her articles if you haven't ). We haven't talked in exactly one month, but hey, let's talk more again. x

♡ other people that I want to mention ♡

♥ vaso @tohsaka_

We don't talk much, but I know you're a very lovely person as well. I lovelovelove your articles. Hope we can talk more soon. x

♥ rebecca @nevernotwanderlust

ɾ ε ɓ ε ɕ ɕ α
ɾ ε ɓ ε ɕ ɕ α
An absolute sweetheart! You're so sweet to me and I followed you back immediately lol! No regrets though. x

♥ trish @_vellichor_

We don't talk much as well, but thank you for hosting the WHITheCollectors competition! Sososo fun. Hope we can talk more. x

That's it! Thank you to everyone else that sent me kind messages or asked to be friends, you guys have no idea how wonderful my WHI journey has been so far because of y'all. Oh gosh, I feel like I'm giving a speech, but my heart's just really happy right now! This can be a tag, I don't know. Anyone, not just the eight angels mentioned here, are free to do this article as well. Let's share some love and kindness this holiday season xx

Hope you enjoyed this article! 3 down, 9 more Christmas articles to go! Got any specific Christmas article type you want to see? Drop me some suggestions via postcard!

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