i can see a change in me.

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last year, i was still a troubled and self-conscious kid.
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last year, i still wanted to kill myself.

the path was long and hard.

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it's incredible how i've became an entirely different person.
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now i feel like i am finally discovering myself.
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every day i grow;

i am beginning to know what i like and what i don't.
what are my limits and who i want to be.

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now i can see that life is the most beautiful gift in the world.
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i am so happy to be alive.
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to be able to think
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i feel like the luckiest person on earth

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even though i have a shitty "emotionally unavailable" father
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even though my family is a complete mess
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even though i've had an eating disorder and cut my wrists
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even though i've been through hell and back alone to find healthy mind habits.
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i know that the worst is behind me.
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the world is literally calling my name.
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i want to do good and spread love and peace around me.
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i know that my future is bright and that everything will be okay.

i just wish i'd knew it before.

i just wish i could tell my younger self that the only one who can make you go better is yourself.

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don't wait for help to come from nowhere.
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seek health.
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be kind with yourself.
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stop hurting yourself like that or you will go crazy.

trust me.

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i know what i'm talking about.