1. Touch her waist.
2. Share secrets with her.
3. Simply talk to her.
4. Kiss her on the forehead!!
5. Hug her.
6. Kiss her.
7. Tell her shes beautiful.
8. Hold her.
9. Laugh with her.
10. Hang out with her and your friends together.
11.Spend half the day with her.
12. Surprise her with a present. ( Even the smallest things count)
13. Give her some chocolate
14. Respect her opinions
15. When she says she loves you, don't end there without saying that you love her too
16. Don't give up on her
17. Kiss her without her knowing you were going to do it
18. Hug her from behind
19. Have long conversations with her
20.Always mean the things you do and say
21. Open doors for her , make her feel important
22. Tell her that shes your everything
23. If their is something wrong, ask her.
24. Make sure she feels loved
25. Kiss her in front of girls, so they know you're taken
26. Don't lie to her
28. Text/Call her and tell he " good morning"
29. Be there for her when she needs you, even when she doesn't, just be there in general.
30.Hold her close when shes cold so she can hold you too
31. Don't ever tell her to leave even if you don't mean it. Always comfort her.
32. Buy her food.
33. Accept her moodyness
34. Love her for who she is
35. Make sure she always feels safe with or without you
36. Be her best friend through everything
37. Take her long night drives
38. Deal with her attitude
39. Spoil her once in awhile
40. Just make sure she knows that she makes you the happiest girl ever.