TRIGGER WARNING/ r*pe, sexual assault

So I wanted to write this article because if you follow me you know I used to be a "crybaby", USED to. And I am sure you know why I am not a crybaby anymore, Timothy Heller acused Melanie Martinez of r*ping her, and I know I am late to this (at least on here) but I wanted to give my opinion on it.

On 12/4/17 Timothy Heller stated on twitter that Melanie Martinez r*ped her (here´s the tweet:

I believe and support Timothy and you should too.

Many people say that there is no proof that what Timothy is saying is real and that she is lying to get attention. I disagree, with all the crap that people have given her (and the crap that pople give many other abuse victims who speak up) she get more "bad" atention (insults and bullying) than "good" atention (support and love, that's what she deserves)

Now the fact that her abuser is famous is not beneficial to Timothy at all, because there are blind fans (of Melanie) that will attack her no matter what, and she will (like previously mentioned) be shamed and told she is looking for attention. So no, she isn't "doing this for attention".

Now going back to the fact that people say that there is no proof and that timothy could be lying (someone said:"Q:¿So you're just going to believe Melanie whithout based soley on her statement? A:¿And you're going to believe Timothy without proof or anything?"). Of course there is no proof, this happened las year so no tests can be done, and there is no recording or anythigng. But why would you believe Melanie´s statement?(that she posted a couple of days after Timothy told the story) Would she be so quick to adress the situation if this was false?. Why would you believe the abuser? Of course Melanie will "defend" herself, this doesn't mean she's saying the truth. I personally ALWAYS believe the victim.

"She's perfect. To the public, she can do no wrong." Timothy said in her statement,this resonated with me because it's so true. The fact that people believe Melanie further proves Timothys point. Because no matter what she's acused of people will excuse or deny it. Melanies response was very manipulative, it wouldn't sourprise me if all her afection towards her fans and her whole career were built on manipulation as well.

People are also saying "she never said no", Melanie herself said this. Let me just leave this here

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Timothy put a lot of excuses to not have sex with Melanie,
Making excuses to not do it means no.
It wasn't consensual and "she didn't say no" does not change that. Also I think someone said that they had smoked weed that nigh wich means that timothi was proboably high and not in a state to give consent.

Another thing people are saying is "why did she go to twitter and not the police?", like many people say she has no proof and this happened a year ago so no tests can be done, and the fact that Melanie is a woman makes many people think that it's not actualy r*pe (and I will talk about that in a minute); so maybe the police are not so useful in this case. Exposing a famous person on social media might have an impact on their career and this might work as an actual consequence for the asaulter (something that police might not be able to do), also this might be something Timothy is proud of overcoming and surviving.

Many othes say "why would she dress up as her r*pist?" and "why would she hang out with her r*apist?" Timothy said she loved Melanie, she depended on their relationship, denial is a way of coping and many victims have had to coexsist with their abuser

People literally stalked timothy's instagram to find if the dates were acurate and then blame her because they "weren't", but can't people get a date wrong? i mean this happened LAST YEAR i cant remember the date last wednesday was and you expect her to get that date right.

Overall these are the reasons why I believe and defend Timothy, and why I no longer support Melanie Marinez. I don't want to give my money to such a horrible person and i dont want to encourage her to do whatever she wants, she sould be punished for her actions.

Previously I hearted (and even uploaded) pictures of her, i haven't dicided if i will keep them up in my profile or delete them (I will probably delete them).

But anyways, thank you for reading; sorry if this was long and a bit sloppy, i had a lot to say and this is the first article I've ever written (if you want me to talk about a certain topic just message me about it)

Here are some tweets that reflect my opinion: