I have probably said this 1000 times, but thank you for all the love and support for the Melanie Martinez article! Okay, now that I have mentioned that, we can get on with the article!

After a few days, a LOT of YouTube videos, and a lot of thinking, I think I am leaning towards Melanie's side. Before we start WWIII, let me explain why. First off, on the alleged dates it happened, they were in two different places. Mel was in NY, and Timothy was in LA. My question is, how can Melanie "rape" someone when they are 2,789.8 miles away?! Secondly, Timothy has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), which makes the person who has it, manipulate things, makes them think something different happened than what actually happened. (if that makes sense.)
Third of all, if Timothy was SO ashamed about this happening, why did she go to twitter instead of the police? If she was so ashamed about it, why did she promote "sleep" an hour later? Fourth of all, on a YouNow stream, why did she ignore all of the important questions about the accusation? My fifth reason is very questionable, since I don't know if Sara Morgan is fake. If she isn't, and all that she said was true, then Melanie is pretty much innocent in my eyes. If she is fake, then why does Timothy's story sound like a 2013 Reddit?

  • I know I said I wouldn't take sides, but there was a lot of evidence for me.

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