All of us wants to be famous....all of us wants our own fame....but some people don't get a chance to live their lives the way they want to and one of them is me....I would like to share my story with you all and I hope you all will support me and heart this article....
I am a dancer, dance is love dance is life
I've been dancing since I was 3.....I love dancing so much
But, my life is not always full of dance....I've faced a lot of problems and i'm still struggling.
Till 2010, my life was a joyful, happy, peaceful and beautiful life...In 2009, I got a baby sister I was very happy to have her but gradually I started feeling like my parents no longer love me and love my sister more than anything else in this world, but I realized that as she was small she needed my parents love more than I did at that time
In 2010, my school was changed and my new school was the worst school ever!! I had no friends there everyone just ditched me and nothing else
Everyone use to tease me there, make fun of me do humorous pranks with me....I hated there
the next year that is 2011, my school was changed again I was happy to get out of that school but at the same time I was scared that again I would be ditched and the same things would have happened to me.....but I was wrong....As usual the first at school was worst, but from the second day onwards I liked it there!
I had made dozens of friends, we use to play together and lots more
I really love that school!!
Then in 2016, my bestest friend, we've been together for 4 years, left me just because of a silly matter....In the beginning of the year 2016 everything was fine, we use to hangout together have fun and lots more but after my birthday on 18th September, things went so wrong!!
She started ignoring me and even if I asked her a question she use to reply me very rudely....I was hurt like hell at that time!!
I use to cry every night that time but no one ever saw me or heard me crying
All my friends use to come to me and say me that " you shouldn't have done this to her she is so hurt " I was like " what did I do?? "
I tried a lot to find my mistake but I couldn't find it
My friends gradually started going away from me and I started feeling lonely....
I asked her " what have I done to you? whats wrong? say me "
But she replied " is your problem that i'm not able to give you my time? "
That even hurted me more!! Our fight lasted quite long and at last before new year she said " i'm breaking my friendship with you "
I was so damn hurt that time....she was my other half, she was my best buddie and I've lost her now without even doing anything!! I loved her and now she is gone....
That broke my heart...I tried to get her back but she never even turned back to me and so I decided to move on and find someone who is true and would love me unconditionally.
That time there were a lot of family fights, short ones for silly matters but still I took all of them seriously and that hurted me even more....I started thinking I have no life, I shouldn't be here, I want to die!!
But then, in 2017 April, I found a true person...and I fell in love with him and he did fall for me too!! That was the best feeling ever!!
On 9th August 2017, He confessed me and I accepted..whoo I was in a relationship ( I'm still in a relationship ) he loves me so much and trusts me like hell....No matter how sad I am he makes me smile within a fraction of seconds....We even kissed! That's the best ever feeling on earth!! But these kisses soon got us into trouble, a big one....
Just because we kissed, we were suspended from school for 15 days!! i'm in my suspension period right now and that's I why I write everyday... so I revealed this secret to you all.....but still he didn't leave me and we still love each other!!! No one can stop us from loving each other we're so in love....But now at home i'm facing a lot of problems and I don't think i'll ever find the solutions of all these problems....Finally I was happy but in seconds all my happiness flew away and my dearest sorrows are back!! I just hope everything will be alright and I can be happy again....I don't know what my future have hold for me next but i'm ready to face all problems and rise!! C'mon Life Put music to my troubles and i'll dance them away!!!!!