List 20 random facts about yourself

1.My favorite color is yellow.
2. My main goals in life are to have a successful career, have family, and travel.
3. I am an only child.
4. My favorite time of the year is winter.
5. I love Disney (especially Frozen).

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6. I'm currently reading Harry Potter.
7. I study maths.
8. I am a scout.
9.I have never broken a bone.
10. I have a cat.

cats image

11. I like cartoons and stuffed animals.
12. I love going out with a small group of friends, but I hate clubbing.
13. I play sims.
14. I am very shy.
15. i am creative and I like to make stuff.

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16. I don't like pudding.
17. I love languages.
18. I believe that memories are very important.
19. I love rain.
20. I keep a journal.

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