I'm not an expert in health but I had some experiences with it and now i'm at a point in which I learnt, in part, how my body works.
I realized that i can't eat bad and workout, because it doesn't work; i can't eat less and workout more because i did it and i passed out at the gym; you need to eat HEALTHY and workout.
So what is healthy? do you want an healthy body? you have to have an healthy mind first. it took me 2 years to realise this. I used to follow every models on instagram, the first thing i've done was stopping doing that. i found an health expert instead (@chessiekingg on insta) she was so helpful, she shows her body and her imperfections and thank to it, i realised that not only victoria's secret models exist, there are lots of girls out there who have my same imperfections and it is beautiful.
Then i started eating healthy(not following a diet, just a daily plan of some food), i started eating carbs, proteins, veggies and healthy fats in every meal; once a week i cheat, i go out with my friends, i have a pizza or what i would like but then the next day i go to the gym and have a really sweaty workout.
Now that i do these things i'm most of the time happy, i have often my ups and downs, believe me, but i started enjoying life once again.
Life is too short to eat bad and stay always on your phone or on the couch. I know it's hard to get up and do something but you can't change if you don't get up and move that booty!!
A. xxx