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Lost. That's what I am. There are days when I feel like i'm not doing enough with my life. There are days when I see the success of others and compare it to my own life choices and feel as if i'm not doing enough. Not doing anything worthwhile, like at the mere age of 19, I should have done something extravagant, world changing. I see people on the right path, knowing exactly what they want to do with their life and I can't help but envy them. Those same people doing everything right, doing big things, while i'm stuck. not knowing what my future looks like. I'm going down a road called life, and I can only feel one thing- lost. I'm going through the motions, the rules set down by society, without knowing the results. I don't know what i'm doing with my life, my time. Life doesn't come with a set of rules, instead, it's what you make of it. I can't help but feel I haven't done enough throughout high school, throughout freshman year. That this time spent in college will just be wasted. I tell myself I will get started, I will do something big, I will have a bright future. But once again, I let fear stop me. Fear that I might make a mistake. Fear that I might fail. Fear that I won't know what i'm doing, where i'm headed, what God's plans for me are. I worry too much about what others may think of me and not enough about how I feel about myself. These problems are so insignificant yet some days they are all I feel. The only comfort I have right now is that although days like these are the worse, this feeling will soon past.
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