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This week...well it was really hard I drank like 20 cups of coffee (my body hates me rn) Did the coffee I drank helped? I guess kind of. So here we go...
I had two exams this week I studied them both but both of them was realy bad. The thing I don't understand is when I don't study for a test I get way better results but when I study it's worse :( @life why must you be so cruel?? Whatever it made me wanna study more (I don't know how). Andandand there was this subject in maths which seemed reaaaally hard to me and guess how am I at that subject ;;) you are right I still joke I'm good at it. That makes my goal list smaller yaaaay.
This week I had so many in my mind like about my future my friends and all this week's hardness was that, I guess. I'll probably think more about these topics I hope...
This week I realized my interest in chich flick movies and tv series. Me from like a year ago would hate chick flick probably but people change right?

The ones who don't know what this article is about let me put a link in here to make things clear.
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