my 4 favorite clothing stores:

  • cotton on
  • Jayjays
  • romwe (be careful with sizing)
  • just jeans

My style:

fashion, aesthetic, and korean image 1975, band, and black boots image fashion, style, and outfit image kylie jenner, model, and style image
- t-shirt dress -
girl, beauty, and fashion image style, tumblr, and jacket image girl, fashion, and outfit image grunge, tumblr, and denim image
-Denim Jacket-
black, docs, and dr martens image converse, all star, and shoes image
-docs and converses-
boots, camo, and fashion inspiration image red, glasses, and aesthetic image
-fishnets and mom jeans-
outfit, skirt, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image
-oversized jackets and sweaters-

Bye lovlies x
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