1) Eat healthier- Start looking after my diet and control what I'm eating more. Drink less fizzy drinks and go to the gym once in a while.

2) Be happier- Basically just live life and yolo!

3) Accept myself- This has been hard for me to do for ages! I hate taking selfies because I'm not pretty enough and I look ugly. I'm not a confident person and i wish i could look in the mirror and feel beautiful.

4) Go out more- Stop lying in bed, eating food, crying, sleeping and go out and explore! There is so much to do and i need to start living life while i can.

5) Make new friends- Speak to new people and become more social, there's nothing worse than being lonely!

6) Make some money- Everyone can do with a little extra money in their pockets!

7) Take up a new hobby- Find something that you are passionate about and that you're good at!

8) Learn to cook- Cooking is fun!

9)-Talk to more bloggers on whi- I would love to make friends on here!

10) Start a journal- Be creative and write down thoughts and ideas as an escape and something to do when feeling down to cheer you up.

Hello and Welcome to the end of my first article! I hope you enjoyed it and that I have inspired at least some of you! Also Merry Christmas everyone! :)