please don't be offended if you're type isn't here

1. "Free-spirited"

Superthumb boy

Basically the boys who smoke weed like it's their job.

I'm not huge on the whole weed thing itself, but for the most part boys who smoke it are always the sweetest, most laid-back but trustworthy people ever.

They are more than just their "weed" exterior cause that's all people really recognise them for - from my experience they are really passionate, sensitive, have an amazing story and overall more interesting and humble than most.

2. nerdy

Superthumb boy

Nerdy boys are often "free-spirited" boys so you'll see that all of these types, sort of tie in with each other.

I'd get along most with nerdy boys as I am a low-key nerdy girl.
I like this type of boy so much because they have always got your back and their personality is always golden.

Conversation is never stale with these boys, there is always something on either one of our minds.

3. popular

adidas boy

Honestly these boys are everythingg because 99% of the time they aren't obnoxious, loud or daring.

Once they know you're not with them for popularity, they're kind and chilled.
Normally they have a lot going on in their heads, so they almost always just love someone who they can be their normal self with.

Which I love and want.

4. shy

boy boy

so endearing.
normally they are nowhere near shy when you get close to them.

Shy boys tend to be very protective, possibly because the shyness has something to do with their self-confidence and they are afraid to lose you.. sorry I'm a psych student I sort of went off on one hahah

Don't get me wrong I know a lot of shy people who have no self-confidence issues, so don't let me plant my previous thought into your head.

5. badboy/"alcohol is my best-friend"

boy boy

I think this love is more idealistic.

Falling in love with the bad-boy, so cliché.
For the most-part we really wouldn't mix so well (as I'm unsocial, awkward, not big on drinking) unless they had qualities of the above types, realistically bad-boys are purely as portrayed.

also hmu if you're like any of these cause.. science