I believe I am not the only one reaching senior year in high school when all of the prom preparations become the center of the universe, meanwhile reconsidering the competence of having a grown up life. If I could take it back and go through high school once again, there are some things I would like someone to tell me so that I can be more prepared for what follows. In fact, that is why I had been writing my own list named "What I learned in high school", hoping that some day I could make someone's coping with high school easier. It would be my greatest pleasure if this list helps someone.

"1.Your parents care about you."
They are not devils or enemies as it seems. You should have in mind that literally, out of the whole world, your parents are the last people that would harm you!

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"2.There is always someone above and below."
When it comes to studying, achieving things or beauty you must remember that there is always someone who's better and someone who's worse than you. You should absolutely NOT feel threatened by the better, and do NOT belittle the weaker. Always try to do your best. Trust me, it pays off.

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"3.We all learn from our mistakes."
Learning is not only gathering information from textbooks, learning is all around us. Making mistakes means you're trying. Only the people who don't do anything don't make mistakes. But, it's very important to see the mistake as a lesson. That way not only you will become better, but it will make you feel better about yourself and more powerful and stronger.

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"4. Now you see who your real friends are."
High school is about getting new friends and sometimes, growing apart with old ones. And that is OKAY. Not every person is meant to accompany you while you climb the top. It is very important to choose your friends wisely because they represent you.

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"5. Bad things simply happen."
Too often you might feel like giving up because there is too much pressure from all sides. This is not the world trying to crush you under its weight, only your perception of things. Endurance is the key. To keep the key in your hands, (my advice is) take a piece of paper or your diary and write down everything that bothers you. Think about it, but don't get pessimistic! Better times always come.

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"6. NO! -> This word is your best friend."
Whether it comes to going out with friends or a boy you don't like/feel like going, doing things you don't like, trying alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, drugs or sex against your will, this word is definitely your best friend. And it's self-explanatory.

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"7.Stop wasting your time."
There is a thin line between using your time smartly and procrastinating. You might think "What the hell do I get from that?" The answer is: A LOT! You are your biggest investment so the time spent studying, learning new things, reading, writing and simply upgrading yourself can only elevate you! But, learn how to rest.

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"8. Fight for what you deserve."
Saying what you mean and fighting for what you think you deserve are very important! Often when we find ourselves in a crowd that follows one opinion (even if it's stupid) or we have to tolerate injustice, we kind of accept things the way they are and become a part of the group. Wrong. Say what you mean and do what you have to do. If there are some arguments against you, "That is my opinion." -is your second best friend.

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"9. Be thankful."
How can you be aware of what you have if you're not thankful? The moment you forget to be thankful, you start losing things. Just don't be superficially thankful. Strive to be TRULY thankful.

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"10.Read, Read, Read!"
Enough said.

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"11. Perspectives change."
I think that this is the best thing about high school. I relate change to something positive, that is why I think that even the bad changes, like finally throwing away your rose-tinted glasses and seeing who your friends or family actually are, can be turned into something positive. Change helps you adapt to the path that leads you to the better tomorrow. Learn to accept the pain as a guidebook.

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"12. Whatever you do..."
(I saved my favorite for the end) DO NOT LET THEM FILTER YOUR CREATIVITY!

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What did you learn in high school? What would you add to this list?
Did a change that happened during that period stuck with you till today?

PS. I present you the...

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