I’m one of those people who get stressed very, very easily. There is nothing wrong with stress if you can deal with it. And to be honest I’m not good with stress. Usually I just end up crying because I don’t know what to do and I feel useless. And surprise, surprise these small “breakdowns” that I have (I seriously don’t know what to call these moments) happen at night. For me music is a very good way to try and relax. Usually it helps, but sometimes it doesn’t. So I decided that I should write down some of the songs that I listen during my “breakdown”. And I’m really sorry if “breakdown” is somehow offensive in this occasion.
And these songs aren’t just for the moments when you feel stressed. These songs help me whenever my mind has wandered into a dark place and can’t find it’s way out. In a nutshell these are the songs that I listen to when it feels like the whole world is falling apart. I hope these are helpful for you too.

- Battle cry by Imagine Dragons
- Bird set free by Sia
- Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott
- Dream by Imagine Dragons
- Glory by Bastille
- Goner by Twenty One Pilots
- Heaven by Pvris
- Hotel ceiling by Rixton
- I’m born to run by American Authors
- Lost In The Moment by NF and Andreas Moss
- March To The Sea by Twenty One Pilots
- Migraine by Twenty One Pilots
- Paralyzed by NF
- Shouldn’t Be A Good In Goodbye by Jason Walker
- Silhouette by Aquilo
- Taxi Cab by Twenty One Pilots
- The Village by Wrabel
- Trapdoor by Twenty One Pilots