Hey:) This is my very first article. I decided to make the 30 days writing challenge. I'm not a native english speaker, so I can't guarantee that my grammar and spelling is always perfect^^

Today's task: list 10 things that make you really happy.

1: petting my bunny

animal, cute, and bunny image cute, animal, and bunny image
My bunny's name is Candy. She looks quite similar to the bunnies in the pictures.

2: listening to music

band, concert, and fans image music, aesthetic, and headphones image
At the moment I really enjoy the band Sleeping With Sirens, I've also seen them live. If you don't know them, check them out.

3: Starbucks coffee

autumn, today, and friends image christmas, coffee, and starbucks image
I live in Switzerland, where Starbucks is extremely expensive. Due to this I can't afford to drink a lot of Starbucks coffee. So whenever I can drink something at Starbucks I'm really happy and enjoy it very much.

4: coming home and smelling my favourite food

bake, potato, and gruyere image food image
I think there is hardly anything better than coming home and knowing that you can eat your favourite food.

5: watching the sky

cloudy, glow, and pale image beautiful, colors, and holy image
To me it doesn't matter if i can see the stars or if there's a beautiful sunset. I also appreciate the sky when it's cloudy or rainy. A glance at the sky always makes me smile.

6: writing

book, vintage, and writing image aesthetic and book image
I love to write stories. To me it's the best way to share my feelings and thoughts.

7: going to the cinema

couple, love, and cinema image boy, cinema, and alone image
Going to the cinema always makes me happy. I love to watch a movie on a big screen. It feels completely different than watching a movie on tv or on my computer.

8: sleeping in

bed, girl, and grunge image aesthetic, model, and beauty image
I hate my alarm clock, so I'm very happy when I don't have to hear it on the weekends.

9: hugs

love, couple, and boy image girls and friends image
I mean, honestly, who doesn't like hugs?!

10: hoodies

fashion, champion, and style image asian, clothes, and fashion image
There's nothing on our planet that's more comfortable than a hoodie. I can't remember the last day I didn't wear one.

I hope you liked my first article:)