Have it ever crossed your mind....
Did they really think before they speak?
think about your feelings...
think about what it can make you do to yourselves?
the things that you going to face...

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Truth is you just have to suck it up even though it hurts like hell....
You could probably hear your heart breaking be it through words or actions.
any one can hurt you, ANYONE be it your family or friends
It hurts even more that you just have to act it cool and not do the same they did to you because you knew what it feels like.
Unfair isn't it?
They say whatever they like and do while here you are controlling your feelings to not do the same when you have the choice to do so.

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Don't you sometimes wonder what did you do?
When someone one day acting weird and started giving you the cold shoulders...
The days goes on and really makes you think what mistake have you done?
Or people that hurts you over and over again. With multiple forgiveness and chances that you gave...
Was it really worth it keeping them in your life still?
However, this kind of situation is more likely that our expectations of them were higher which leads to disappointment.

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When things like these were to happen, I would always try to calm myself down and not get too boiled up, even though sometimes you just feel like talking back or even hurt them back.
Always think that if we were to do the same to them, then we are
NO better or different than them.

Image by DA.

Hence, always be the nice one even though it hurts.

all these are just a self-reminder and in general.

Signing off
Sai ❤