Hi whoever's reading this.

This is my first time writing an article like this, so it feels kinda odd. I'm not poetic nor a creative writer, but I like to express my inner thoughts and let it all out by writing.

Let me introduce a little about myself. My name is Kaili Manuwai, half American half Japanese and I live in Tokyo now. I overthink a lot when I7m unsure of something and get a little bit negative at night when there's no sun out in the sky. Basically, I'm just a kid who likes the sun, blue sky and light in general because it makes me feel rather alive.

My kind of music are jazz, 50s~90s music, RnB and Polynesian music. I wish to connect with people who have the same taste of music as me someday. Nice to meet you world.

I'm not even sure who's gonna read this, maybe no one will. I'd never know but if you do, I hope you got to know a lil about who I am... ^^; I'll probably post random things throughout the week or month. This is me, nice to meet you all.