Step 1:

This is the hard part. One way or another you’ve crossed the stag night default off the list. Now you need something else to fill the remainder of the night.

For the quieter type, finding somewhere especially devoted to their preferred type of alcohol can be an excellent way to lubricate a night sufficiently without resorting to aggressive shot-drinking. Wine/Whiskey/Cigar/Champagne/Cocktail (if you must) Bars of a decent calibre are your friend here, serving a decent quality of liquor while accommodating the wishes of a groom who would be unhappy chugging shots in a grimy club.

If on the other hand he’s the type who would enjoy the aforementioned clubbing, go with that. Bear in mind that going somewhere new or at least slightly less local will make it look like you’ve put more work into this. Think, man, think! Do you know of any decent places the next town or two over? Can you get there quickly? And better yet, publicly, so everyone can drink? This is true for the bar option as well.

Attempt to organise some sort of special treatment. Ring the club or the bar. Mention you’re on a stag do and usually good things will come your way. If you don’t wish to ring, then mention it upon entry. Frequently this results in drinks and other Good Things being pressed upon you when you arrive. It will be the best gift for men. (

Step 2:

Now you are out on your stag night, which should be going well at this point. Encourage drinking and conversation among the members of the group. It is up to you to keep a wary eye out for any opportunities that could propel the night into the realms of the legendary. Bachelorette party groups, touts offering good deals at the club down the road, trophies consisting of anything not nailed down, cheap transport allowing the group to wake up somewhere entirely different from where you started, all of these and many more are further garnish that serve as excellent banter afterward. Such opportunities may be elusive, and if not grabbed with both hands, may escape your clutches. Be vigilant. And good luck!