Hello, my name is Kaylee Baldomino, I'm 15 years old. Born June 17,2002

Facts About Me :)

1. The first fact about me is that, I am in love with Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles, and Tom Hardy.

Most people don't really know Cillian Murphy so let me tell you.
Cillian Murphy is a Irish actor from Douglas, County Cork, Ireland. He is 41 and stars in Inception along with Leonardo Dicaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and one of my other babes ( is what i call them ) Tom Hardy. Another film he stars in is The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. One show he stars in is a Netflix Original, Peaky Blinders. (You should watch it)

2. I love One Direction. I started liking them in like mid 2010 or beginning 2011. They are my most favorite people every. They make me happy when I'm sad.

3. One pet peeve of mine is interrupting when I’m talking. It happens to me all the time when talking (obviously) and it frustrates me so much. Like when I’m trying to tell a funny story and then someone remembers something they did and then they interrupt my story, like it can wait. But what’s funny is, when someone else is taking, and something they said reminded me of something i did or was funny, i would interrupt that person. So imma hypocrite.

4. An interesting fact about me is I don’t like tacos, but i will eat a tostada. Like i can eat the mexican taco with the little corn tortillas, but i don’t like hard shell tacos. I’m a weirdo i know but yeah. I also don’t like taquitos.

5. My favorite movies are Breakfast on Pluto with Cillian Murphy, The Twilight Series, Everything Everything, and some others that can’t come to mind. (if you haven’t watched Breakfast on Pluto you should.)

6. My favorite artist are like i said One Direction who aren’t together ATM, Todrick Hall who is amazing, Au/Ra, and lastly my favorite and one of my babes….. Harry Styles. He is my absolute favorite. I might see him in concert in 2018.

So those are 6 facts about me :) You should follow me on instagram @kaylee.baldomino