sadness, anger, frustration, stress
the cycle never ends
its becoming a trend

i've lost my good friend
she never gave a damn
i lost another one to death
god please help, i know you can

my misery continues to rain
i think i'm going insane
i gave a boy my heart
he washed it down the drain

"hi! how are you?" , they ask
i plaster a big smile on my face
i trap myself in my room crying
why am i such a disgrace?

summer rolls by
its the end of the school year
i wipe my tears
and put aside my fears

sadness, anger, frustration, stress
i finally got the cycle to end
gather myself, so the crown
wont fall off my head

the ongoing stress has made me such a mess
now i have a broken soul
that i needed to mend

thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem. this poem is about what i've been through emotionally this past year, so i decided to put those feelings into words. show some love so i can make more content like this. don't use any quote without my permission. thank you so much for your time -hannah
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[cover image art by me]