Now I am caught up with the challenge after posting this article :) WOOO! Well here is day 15!

Day 15: Describe 5 strengths you have:

1. Determination:
This to me is kind of weird when I always seem to be willing to give up even at the most smallest sight of troubles. However, I will not allow giving up to be an option. (maybe sometimes it is, depending on the situation?) But finding a reason to keep going on has always been pretty easy.

2. Believing the good in people:

I am a strong believer that people are truly good...and their intentions are honorable. Maybe sometimes it is hard to see, but everyone does/must have good qualities. I have no problem seeing other people's beauty.

3. Loving:

Loving others is my favorite. When I love, I love hard and always.

4. Ambition:
My zest for ambition is strong. There are so many things I want/wish to do! It is insane.

5. Optimism:
I try my hardest to see the silver lining in everything. Some days it is hard. There are so many people who have endured the very worst, and still have the guts so smile and be positive. Which is something I aspire to do.

art, optimism, and optimistic image

Well I have no idea if these were good. I may or may not have tapped into my strengths yet..but see you guys tomorrow!