Hey guys! So I am posting this part of the challenge a day(?) late. So let's get into it!

Day 13: Describe 5 weaknesses you have.

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1. Being too hard on myself:
Maybe this is something we all do. I know especially this is a huge problem for me. I tend to tear myself down at any given time. Instead of just focusing on what I've done right, I look more at the wrongs.

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2. Insecurity:

I am not 100% comfortable with the skin I am in. Comparing my looks to others is my downfall,it does no good to do such thing. When I always say: Everyone is beautiful. And I figure since this is true, I must be included too.

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3. Holding onto the past:

I cling onto the past for much to long. Events that have happened months, weeks, or years from now still bug me. I don't seem to learn anything rather just sit and cry in self pity instead of turning my mistakes into thing I could do better in the present moment (and the future)

4. Lack of communication:
This is the biggest. Because of this, I have loss some pretty close connections/people in my life. I say that because my communication skills are not the best. Talking to people is good for you.. and essential to life in general. If not, then how do I expect to keep/have any kind of relationships?

5. Overthinking:
Oh this is one we all do, I know. It's a horrible weakness and habit! It is the worst because your mind just keeps going to all the wrong places.