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little girls with dreams become women with visions

1. A blog

A blog can help you in so many different ways to build your empire! It helps you connect with people and you should see it as a networking medium.
It is a place to be completely yourself and let people enjoy the real you and your voice.
If you're afraid that there are already too many bloggers out there; just remember that no one is you and no has the experiences you've had.

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2. A vision

A vision is the long-term aspect of your goals. Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

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3. Goals

This one is so important!
Have something to work forward to!
And even more important: visualize your goals!
Make a moodboard with pictures and quotes that have to do with your dream and this will be your daily reminder and motivation.

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4. Books

Educate yourself!
Like so many already said: knowledge is power. No one is going to believe someone hoe doesn't know what he's talking about. Make sure you do and educate yourself by going to your classes and read extra books.
There is so much written about any subject you can easily find something about what you need to know in the library.

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5. A mentor

Find someone that inspires you. It may be a celebrity, someone from a movie or a family member. It doesn't matter as long as you look up to that person for something that he exceeds in.
Get to know their know-how and try to learn as much as you can from this person.

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Blair is one of my mentors, maybe I'll do a serie of articles on mentors later if you'd like to :)

6. A support system

Your way to the top might not succeed without if flaws, so make sure you got your support system when you need it.
How hard you need to work to get there, do make time for your family and friends once in a while, because when everything fails, they'll still have your back!

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7. Killer branding

Without branding, your business has no direction, aesthetic or real feel to it. Your branding encompasses your logo, tagline, colour palette, writing style, font style, marketing materials, and so on.
It should be consistent in every aspect of your business, from your website to your social media feeds, to your photography and marketing, and any other visual representation of your business.

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8. A morning routine

Along with a consistent exercise routine, a proper morning routine is also key! Wake up at the same time each day, write down your goals and to-do list, eat breakfast, and make a cup of tea.

Everyone has certain things that work best for them in terms of getting them started for the day. Maybe you like to read for half an hour before getting down to business, perhaps you need your morning yoga class to get you up and at ’em, or you like to journal before starting anything else.

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