Little broken girl with burned dreams and dusty wings.
You tried to escape before the fire catch you but you could not run fast enough.
Now you're here, walking through this hell, seeing all this mess.
All your demons stalking you from the shadows.
You can see them reflected in the pieces of glass on the floor.
You're trying to get out of here but you're running in circles.

I have walked through this hell too.
All empty roads and dangerous darkness.
The same walls of fire and broken glass.
The dark clouds of smoke and suffocating air.
I know this place very well.
So let me help you.
I will rebuild your dreams and cleanse the dust of your wings.
Together we will go away from here.

Little broken girl, we are destruction and creation.
Little broken girl, we are the beginning and the end.
Little broken girl, you will not be broken again.